• Offline storage for Online Assets
    Deep Cold Storage in Switzerland for Bitcoins

  • Super Secure Cold Storage in Swiss vaults

  • a complete long term storage solution for your savings and security needs



  • Safe

    Protected in vaults in Switzerland

  • Securely Encrypted

    So that the bad guys don't have access to your precious data

  • Online to Offline

    The best way to protect from even the smartest hackers is to be offline

  • Easy, Fast, Reliable

    It's easy and fast for you to sign up - We take care of all the complicated security stuff, so that you don't have to.

Offline Storage for Online Currencies

Providing the best, secure, long-term offline cold storage solutions for your Bitcoins and other online currencies.
  • Generated OFFLINE

    Once we've identified you securely with multi-factor authentication, we provide you with a brand new Bitcoin public address which has NEVER touched the internet before.

  • Receive money safely

    You can then immediately start crediting your account and telling everyone this public address so that they can send you money too. Meanwhile, nobody (even the smartest hackers) can take money from your wallet - because we secure the private key for you.

  • Sealed, encrypted private key in the Swiss Alps

    Your private key (which was generated offline and never touched the internet) is encrypted, broken into pieces, sealed, safely stored in deposit boxes, on physical media built to last 1,000 years. Oh, and did we mention it takes three people to break the seal, to make it even more secure.


Your Bitcoins matter. They are safe with us.

We are a team of Technologists, Security Experts and Asset Managers here to serve you.

Frederic Thenault

Laurent Bischof

  • Swiss Venture Capitalist
  • Technology Investor
  • Swiss Private Banking Background


  • Security Expert
  • Open source advocate
  • Oracle, Sun, Swiss crypto

Pricing Plans

Protect your assets. Sleep better at night.

The right plan for everyone: from those totally new to bitcoin, those owning only a fraction of a bitcoin, to millionaires in bitcoins, and companies engaged in the bitcoin ecosystem, we have you covered.
Free plan Premium Plan Corporate & HNWI
0€/month 4.99€/month 19.99€/month 49.99€/month
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Max. bitcoins
other cryptocurrencies, contact us
Up to 2 BTC Up to 50 BTC Up to 500 BTC Up to 2000 BTC Custom
Secure Storage
2 copies in a vault's safe deposit box in Switzerland
Data Encryption
Strong Multi-layer Encryption and Security Measures (inc. RSA 4096, ...)
FREE Setup
Your keys immediately
Deposits Free unlimited Free unlimited Free unlimited Free unlimited Free unlimited
* Minimum retrieval 1 BTC (or your current balance if under 1 BTC)
1 Free retrieval/year 1 Free retrieval/year 2 Free retrievals/year 3 Free retrievals/year Unlimited retrievals
Free plan
No monthly fee, No Credit Card required
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All plans are free for the first month. NO credit card info required to sign up.
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